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What is a Divine Konnection (Connection)?Blog

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Have you ever had the right person show up at the right time? As I reflected over my life when I wrote the book "Nothing Ever Wasted" . I began to recognize that throughout my life I had amazing people come alongside me. It wasn't anything I asked for or even knew I needed. During the time I didn't recognize what was taking place. I had been divinely connected. They were willing vessels throughout my life that said "yes". They said "yes" when I walked into a school angry and broken at 14 years old with my two-year-old son on my hip. They said "yes" at 14 when I put me and my son in foster care. They said "yes" at 16 when I was homeless with a 4-year-old. Because of those "yeses'' I graduated from high school with a full scholarship to a university. At that point, that group of willing vessels had taken me as far as they could take me, but the "yeses“did not stop.

It was like I was handed off to a new group of amazing women that came alongside me in my twenties. They said "yes" when I dropped out of college after two years. They said "yes" when I wouldn't stop drinking, when I wouldn't forgive or let go of my past and bad behaviors and decisions. They still saw something in me that I did not see in myself. They still believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. They still said "yes". God used them to invite me to tables and put me in rooms that I did not deserve to be in. They poured in me then pulled on my gifts and talent. I ended up working with other teen moms and then was in leadership in an organization that I once lived in homeless at 16. I became a homeowner and college graduate. I was developing housing for homeless women and children, like I once was.

Then I began to pour into people mostly older than me. I begin to say "yes". I know now that God used them to help fill my cup. These willing vessels, who were not all Christians. See they were not necessarily saying "yes" to me because they probably gave me more "no's" than "yeses" They said "yes" to the purpose and calling on their lives. They said "yes" to helping others overcome what they had overcome. Their "yes" to themselves helped me overcome.

Fast forward to my 30's and a new group of willing vessels entered my life. I was broke. My heart was broken, my spirit was broken, and I was financially broken. God is a great Physician and he came to see about me, and he sent help. I need to pause here and tell someone reading this that the Great Physician is ready to see you. Now in this season God had to do a lot of the work himself because the healing I needed was an inside job. Willing vessels still showed up and poured into me. God used my pastor, people I served with at church, and old friends to breathe life back into me. God can and will use anybody including you. Will you say “yes"?

Now in my 40's I have some amazing and powerful willing vessels that I call my circle. The people that I am blessed to do life with. All the gifts, talents, and passions that I had hidden, the dreams that I had given up on. God stirred them up and then used them to pull them out and reminded me that I am an Overcomer. This secret ingredient is something that I cannot keep to myself. Everyone needs willing vessels and divine connections. I will do everything I can to help make those divine connections.

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